About Us

The history of Furnex Company started not so long ago. In mid 1996, the carpenter shop Furnex started working. At the very beginning we decided that our core business will be manufacturing. With a few `small` machines, a number of capable hands and clear vision of quality, in the next two or three years, the carpenter shop Furnex grew into a company recognized in the local market.   At that time we had 7 employees, mostly in production. The following years pass in organization, choosing of assortment and buying new machines.  



The key year 2005 passed in the true expansion inside the company. With the construction of the 700 m2 business-production area in Trbušani, the company got the chance to dedicate itself to business organization, as well as the design and custom furniture manufacturing.   

  • We gained the quality of our products from investing into machines. Thanks to the cut and edged materials quality, we also started doing the services of cutting and edging.  
  • The extension of the range of flat materials and creating new groups of goods opened the possibility of opening a retail outlet with the complete service of cutting and edging.  
  • By inserting of furniture fittings in the production and sales range, we have gained the necessary experience in making custom furniture, especially kitchens. 

In 2006 and 2007 we started furnishing large facilities, such as restaurants or hotels, we raised the level of flat and apartment furnishing and also circled the furniture manufacturing deadline to 30 days. We managed to isolate the material manufacturers we trust, to keep our team as well as to preserve the equanimity in the decisions that followed.

The clear vision of quality of the manufacturing, service, approach, and furniture has never been questioned in Furnex. The change of the company name to Furnex Furniture Ltd. also speaks of orientation. The same year, 2009, Furnex Furniture starts making Modern Kitchens as well as investing into machines once again.

Today Furnex Furniture is recognized in the local as well as the international market as a company for designing, manufacturing, delivery and assembly of high and middle class furniture and interior. The variety of materials speaks most of it. We build into our products the best materials from universal and MDF boards of the renowned world veneer and solid wood panel manufacturers.

We make one more step forward in 2015 by investing into the edge machine with PU glue. Edging with PU glue is almost four times more resistible to heat and the blending point of board and the tape is waterproof. This detail makes the quality of our products even better. 

Next year, 2016, is the year of small jubilee for Furnex Furniture, and that is 20 years of successful business.