Advice for buying kitchen

Experience tells that we use kitchen for 15 years and longer and it should be useful every day. Therefore, it should not be just beautiful but practical as well. Good preparation before buying the kitchen will help you to consciously make the decision. That way you will help your designer to adapt the kitchen to your wishes. Good work processes, ample storage space and great comfort in movement. At Blum and Furnex it is called: Work flow, Space i Motion – three main features of the practical kitchen. If you keep this in mind, it is easy to get the kitchen that suits you!

Well planned kitchen can save a lot of work. Is it all where we need it and is it easily accessible? This will provide short ways and ergonomic work. How does it work? In fact, very easy. 

Think of all the typical work processes in the kitchen and go through them with the kitchen designer.  

The correct height of the worktop (the distance between the elbow and worktop 10cm).


Do you store the things you use frequently at the height that is easy to reach? 


When everything that we need is there, it will save our time.  5 zones (supplies, food storage, washing the dishes, food preparation, cooking/baking) are based on the everyday work in the kitchen and they help to make the work easier. Zones are for the right-handed people clockwise organized and for the left-handed anticlockwise.