On March 1, 1952, Julius Blum, farrier and blacksmith, founded his company. His first products were soles on horseshoe – anti-slide for horseshoes. The name Blum is the synonym for innovation, engaged employees and excellent products. At the Blum`s it is all about the motion. Thanks to our solutions for the shackles opening and closing of the furniture becomes an emotional experience and increases the comfort of motion in all areas of living and primarily in the kitchen. Over 5300 employees all over the world work on the realization of our concept of perfect motion of Blum fitting system.

Orientation to the kitchen users: Our goal is permanently satisfied kitchen user. Because of that we put their needs into the center of our attention. In terms of global benefit for the buyers, all those who produce, sell or assemble furniture should profit.

High quality requirements: Blum offers the products with sophisticated functionality, recognized design and long lifetime. This high quality requirement applies to our services and cooperation with our partners.

Blum products are designed to inspire – everyone involved in Blum products should have a good feeling.

Our products should delight customers with their high functionality and quality. In the area of services and in cooperation with customers, partners and suppliers, we place a high level of quality.

Blum circular cycle of quality begins by observing kitchens during their use worldwide.  The findings provide us with important information which flow into the sector of new product development. To ensure quality in development, we have already included computer simulation and testing prototypes in this phase. 

Blum pays attention to quality in the phase of production too. Tools and equipment are subjected to the same tests to ensure quality production in all manufacturing facilities.  Measures for quality assurance are constantly rebuilt in order to ensure a high standard of quality. 

All of Blum`s measures are not only aimed to quality testing at the end of production process, but  permanent controls significantly contribute to the maintenance of high demands in terms of quality.

Based on the information obtained in the course of practical application, Blum has developed its own regulations for the testing. Our products are subjected to extensive tests to movement and load with the appropriate devices.

Blum cooperates with renowned external institutions and organizations for testing so it can also meet their norms and requirements, too. Blum has been certified with ISO 9001 standard.