Frequently asked questions

You can see most of the furniture in the Internet presentation in the menu/gallery.

If you do not have the project for the custom made furniture, such as kitchens, closets, etc., the procedure is that the client comes with approximate measures of the kitchen or other space, and then our designers and architects agree on the design of furniture and give approximate offer based on received measures within a maximum of 7 days. After taking the job and advance payment, our engineers come to take accurate measures.


Depending on volume, delivery time can vary from 30-45 days after ordering and the client is informed about this at the time of signing the offer and contract.

You can purchase Modern Kitchen made by Furnex Furniture by this presentation, telephone and the best way is to come in person to our showroom. 

One more ergonomic factor. This recommendation refers mostly to the use of lower cabinets. When using shelves and doors, it is necessary to squat to get something. Using modern furnishing(drawers), by a simple movement, a slight stilt forward, you will be able to take out everything you need from the drawers.  


Of course, it is the part of our complete process. Delivery and assembly are carried out within the agreed time and are included in the price.